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The Perfect Graduation Gift
Tomorrow's Jobs Today
Tomorrow's Jobs Today
The Perfect Graduation Gift

In Tomorrow’s Jobs Today, you’ll learn career tips, leadership secrets, and strategies from today’s most innovative business minds and renowned brands across the globe, including Paramount Pictures, State Farm Insurance, and PwC. You’ll discover exciting careers in emerging fields and find the unique toolset and education to land your dream job!

Read some of the great reviews of Tomorrow’s Jobs Today below!

A multipurpose read with a decidedly broad appeal, this guide is both comprehensive and easy to read, giving a nuanced and forward-thinking perspective on the quickly changing professional landscape.

The Independent Review of Books

In today’s data-driven, fast-changing world, Tomorrow’s Jobs Today gives business leaders and job seekers alike a solid overview of many complex technology trends. This book helps surface the issues everyone needs to be aware of and provides food for thought on how they might be navigated as we head into a new decade.

Gregory Steinhauer, President, American Life

Information is the currency that fuels and funds the Digital Transformation journey. Tomorrow’s Jobs Today manages to capture a set of leadership perspectives that, while diverse, share an essential characteristic for the future of transformative work: leveraging information as one’s most valuable asset.

Peggy Winton, CEO, Association for Intelligent Information Management AIIM

If you want to stay successful, you have to embrace and adapt to changes. Tomorrow’s Jobs Today shows you how those challenges can be both enlightening and empowering.

Jim Dodson, SVP, Iron Mountain

In a world often seized by ever-accelerating change, Tomorrow’s Jobs Today has brilliantly identified, captured, and recounted liberating insights for success from a broad range of global information governance and technology professionals. There will always be challenges, but for those willing to look, the opportunity is abundant. The Information Age remains an ever-growing frontier awaiting each new wave of pioneers.

Seth Williams, President, MER Conference

This is an empowering and beautifully written book that will surely guide the reader to find a place in this quickly changing Information Age, where they can thrive and contribute to the greater good.

Dr. Angela Bair Schmider, M.S., Ph.D., Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School

The authors bring together the voices of leading thinkers, exploring the critical themes that will dominate the years to come. Entertaining interviews reveal the best paths forward for professional development and the impending social, political, and ethical challenges of tomorrow. This is an important book.

Alex Panagides, CEO, mxHero

Tomorrow’s Jobs Today brings together an impressive group of professionals sharing their wisdom and career advice from the cutting edge of technological advancement today. These insights will inevitably bolster your career path, and the combined knowledge of so many brilliant folks in one volume is staggering. I recommend this book for anyone who is pushing or looking to push their organizations into the future.

Nick Inglis, Executive Director of Content & Programming, ARMA International

This book is an excellent read for just about everyone trying to make sense of the ever-increasing pace of change going on around them. The interviews conducted in each chapter help ground and explain how others have harnessed these rapid changes for their personal fulfillment and most importantly for the greater good of humanity. For those feeling anxious over the stability of their roles, ponder this book and reap the wisdom presented.

John Isaza, Esq., FAI, Cofounder Information Governance Solutions

Stepping away from the mush of data that sometimes arrives through surveys, Tomorrow’s Jobs Today goes straight to the people creating the future world of work. Read this book; go interview a few visionaries yourself; help shape the world to come.

Andy Watson, Head of School, Albuquerque Academy