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In The Bastard of Beverly Hills, Rafael Moscatel shares the true story of being given up for adoption by a renowned family of musical prodigies, and his decades-long journey to tear down a web of lies designed to prevent him from discovering the awful truth about his sordid past.
Bastard of Beverly Hills

Excerpt from the Bastard of Beverly Hills from Simon & Schuster

I grew up thinking the old days were like silent movies, shot in black and white and mostly forgotten. Picturing them through a bleak, monochrome lens helped me brush aside my past much the same way, witlessly discarding any faded scenes that, in color, may have revealed more than I wanted.

Then well into adulthood, a voice behind me yelled, “Cut!”

I turned back and discovered I’d been adopted. Lied to my whole life.

In an instant, all I’d come to know of myself seemed to vanish. No past, present, or future remained to which I belonged. A fuse had blown, and the universe became a darkroom.

When I awoke, my yesterdays in Los Angeles slowly resurfaced, like a dusty film reel dropped from a staircase, unspooling down each step—its tiny, perforated frames emblazoned with famous faces in whose company the truth had been concealed.