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The following excerpt is based on the book Tomorrow’s Jobs Today, available at fine booksellers from John Hunt Publishers.

With a new generation always clipping at our heels, it’s easy to feel left behind, or worry that our education and experience isn’t quite enough. The business leaders profiled in this book recognize that alarm, but they also share something in common that helps combat it. It’s an insatiable curiosity and appreciation for what their peers and colleagues do. Even the most cutting-edge technologies like Telematics are creating abundant opportunities at all skill levels, from entry-level to management. We spoke to a telematics specialist for our book Tomorrow’s Jobs Today, to see how his work has changed in this evolving tech landscape.

John Danenberger, CPCU, is Corporate Counsel at State Farm Insurance and specializes in addressing issues around telematics. He served in the US Army and is licensed to practice law in Texas and Illinois. He received his bachelor’s from DePaul University, a master’s from UCL, and his JD from Loyola University Chicago School of Law. We interviewed him for our new book Tomorrow’s Jobs Today.

Telematics is going to solve a lot of problems because you’re realizing that things aren’t the same way they were 50 years ago.

John Danenberger
What is Telematics? Here’s a visual that may help you understand how expansive the discipline is.

From the interview

John, can telematics help solve issues of equity and environmental concerns?

They absolutely can. We’ve already seen what insurance companies have done with telematics, and we’ve already seen people using their cars less, which is good for the environment. We’re seeing our drivers become more responsible. Telematics is going to solve a lot of problems because you’re realizing that things aren’t the same way they were 50 years ago. Just because some people didn’t settle down, buy a house, and have a family, doesn’t necessarily mean they have more risk exposure than someone that might have done those things.

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Author: Rafael Moscatel

Rafael Moscatel is an author and motivational speaker. As a strategic business advisor, Rafael has over twenty years of experience leading successful digital transformation programs for the Fortune 500 including Paramount Pictures and Farmers Insurance. He is also the author of Tomorrow’s Jobs Today: Wisdom and Career Advice from Thought Leaders in AI, Big Data, Blockchain, The Internet of Things, Privacy, and More, from John Hunt Publishing. His new book, a memoir, will be published next year.

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