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Eleanor Moscatel at home in Beverly Hills

Beverly Thrills: 12 Famous Faces Past & Present

The article shares anecdotes about various celebrities that didn’t make it into the author’s bestseller, ‘The Bastard of Beverly Hills’. These include stories about industry legends like Milton Berle, Dorothy Lamour, and George Burns among others. Each anecdote provides a personal encounter with or reflection on the celebrity, often providing an off-stage perspective on their personalities and lifestyles.

Stepfather Tony Roma and Buddy Hackett

Recipe For Disaster: The Year Tony Roma Married My Mom

In “The Bastard of Beverly Hills,” author Rafael Moscatel provides a personal account of his mother’s marriage to Tony Roma, renowned restaurateur. Moscatel acknowledges how he made life difficult for Roma, who was struggling to adjust to being a stepfather. Despite his antics, Roma is remembered fondly for his charisma, humor, and the vibrant world he introduced to Moscatel’s mother. An amusing confusion over Roma’s obituary sparked a wave of premature condolences for Moscatel’s mother, an incident believed to have amused Roma.