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Special Weekend Podcast! – Monsters

Monsters have always captured our imagination. From ancient minotaurs and sea serpents to modern-day chupacabras, being terrified of a beastly creature consuming us is familiar to all cultures throughout the ages. They’ve been memorialized in literature and film, from Beowulf to Godzilla. But what are these monsters here for? If we turn enough pages studying them, we learn that they are outward manifestations of our darkest fears, and some might say the evil lurking within. They seem almost undefeatable, and unfortunately for some who suffer from severe addictions, for example, there seems like there’s no hope of survival. After all, how do you defeat such a powerful force that feels bigger than you, stronger than you, and will not leave you alone? How do you slay the monster without dying yourself? Treat yourself or a friend to the free podcast below to see how to conquer the monster within.

Let me know what you think below!