Key Benefits of IG and Privacy Compliance Programs

  • Creation of standardized platforms and policies to manage and protect your company and customer’s data throughout its lifecycle
  • Providing information to customers in a format they require, compliant with rules such as GDPR and the CCPA
  • Facilitates the integration of group support functions, such as Human Resources, Finance and Procurement through standardized platforms by allowing information from various operating divisions to be shared
  • Creation of a common “language” in the way that information is managed throughout the organization
  • The program can force compliance in certain instances so that information must be managed in a particular way, hence reducing deviation from standards, and leading to consistent use
  • Faster access to information to support customer queries and ccurate information to customers to reduce the number of queries
  • Lower cost to store data and records
  • Reduced risk of exposure due to lost information
  • Reduced loss of Intellectual Capital
  • Tighter security and access control to records
  • Proper and accurate control of contracts and supporting documentation in conjuction with contract lifecycle management systems
  • Use of the correct versions of contracts
  • Easy access to contracts to support decision making processes
  • Easier and faster access to accurate information
  • Reduced time to complete processes
  • Greater collaboration between employees, especially in cross-functions or operational divisions
  • Standardized processes, naming conventions, and procedures lead to reduced time and effort in creating,storing, finding and retrieving information
  • Less time spent wasted on unproductive tasks
  • Employees can focus on value-adding and contributing, instead of being permanentl frustrated due to the inability to access the information tools necessary to
    perform their jobs
  • Enabling a knowledge sharing environment
  • Employees prefer working in organized, well governed environments with easy access to supporting tools
  • Employees are provided with the tools to guide them in how to handle records properly