Selected Resources, Standards & Guidelines

This list includes documents entitled “standards” and “guidelines” as well as other documents, resources and links of a similar nature entitled “statements,” “rules,” and “criteria.” The intent of this list is to provide standards and guidelines for individuals involved in Records Management and Information Governance and it is updated regularly.

Information Governance is an organization’s coordinated, interdisciplinary approach to satisfying information compliance requirements and managing information risks while optimizing information value. – The Sedona Conference®

Popular Standards, Directives, and Guidelines

ISO Standards for Records and Information Management

Primary US Regulatory Rules, Laws & Agencies

Notable Other Regulatory Agencies

Notable University Programs

International Resources

Weblogs & ListServ

USC / Code of Federal Regulations and National Archives and Records Administration Guidelines

Data Security and Privacy Laws (check back for updates)

Disaster Recovery Resources

Other IG and Records Resources and Articles

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