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Information Governance: Navigating the Global Digital Economy

April Dmytrenko - Information Governance - Tomorrow's Jobs Today

The following excerpt is based on the book Tomorrow’s Jobs Today, available at fine booksellers from John Hunt Publishers.

It’s every job seeker’s dream to land both a financially and intellectually rewarding position doing something that they love. Or at least like! Yet these days, even amidst the abundant opportunities of the Information Age, folks of all skill levels continue to struggle with the best approach to a happy and successful vocation. Business models are transforming the job market so rapidly that even the most accomplished executives and educated employees suffer from anxiety over the stability of their roles. They must routinely prove their intrinsic value to their superiors and define their personal brand within their organization.

For new graduates and those looking to make a big career transition, the reality of a continually shifting corporate landscape can feel almost paralyzing. The emergence of impersonal human resource tools like artificial intelligence in hiring practices has compounded traditional fears underlying the search for our rightful place in the new digital workplace. We spoke with April Dmytrenko, a well known thought leader in Information Governance about these topics in our new book, Tomorrow’s Jobs Today.

From the interview

April, years ago, you accurately predicted that privacy would be the next big frontier for individuals managing data processes and where so many of the jobs would be. We now have several legislatures drafting regulations, and Chief Privacy Officer positions can’t be filled quickly enough. Is there still time to enter this emerging field and make an impact?

Right now, we are experiencing a fantastic transformation of the business environment but particularly the evolution of technology and the global digital economy. It is indeed an exciting time, but we are acutely (headline news) aware of the impacts of compromised data security and privacy, including the financial impact on brand and reputation, litigation, and the overall burden and distraction on the business. The exponential growth rate of incidents of data theft, damage, loss or inadvertent disclosure continues to expand not only in frequency but the scope, and complexity. While privacy concerns gained attention over 100 years ago and became topical again about 15 years ago, it is still truly in an infancy state. Privacy offers IG professionals a rich opportunity to expand their leadership or advisory role in maturing a unified approach to protection, compliance with laws and regulations, and incident response and recovery.

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