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You can’t buy a good reputation; you must earn it. ~Harvey Mackay

I had the chance to work with Rafael on a number of complex IT infrastructure initiatives involving decommissioning, governance and records retention. Rafael was able to help us identify, prioritize and execute on the various requirements we needed to satisfy our legal partners needs. He understands how to leverage Information Governance to bring stakeholders to the table and rally around common goals. It was great to work with Rafael. He’s a consummate professional, extremely sharp and dedicated to his craft.

Kevin Gray, Chief Information Officer, City of Burbank

I have worked with Rafael for many years and have always been impressed with his strategic approach to connecting business processes to technology. He is a great collaborator, project manager, and strategic thinker, and understands the challenges organizations face today in managing/leveraging their information assets. I highly recommend Rafael as an information governance and compliance expert.

April Dmytrenko, Certified Records Manager, Fellow of ARMA International

I worked closely with Rafael on the Records Management initiative. He had a very knowledgeable background on best practices and common pitfalls regarding records management, and was easy to work with. He had a vision for what he wanted to see implemented, and the follow through to get things delivered.

Garo Doudian, Chief Information Security Officer, Green Dot

I’m really pleased I’ve had the chance to get to know Rafael. He is able to move projects forward with wisdom, pragmatism focus and ability. His knowledge of the field is informed by a well trained and innovative mind. He is unafraid of digging in and solving problems with practical solutions. He keeps pushing projects through weeks and months with planned actions and follow through. He does this all with diplomacy and professionalism that makes everyone pleased to be working with him.

Andrea Kalas, VP Archives, Paramount Pictures

Rafael is a highly motivated records and information management professional. His understanding of and adherence to best practices combined with solid management skills are just two of the many reasons for his successful career. He’s also just a great person and it’s a pleasure to call him a colleague and friend.

Marcel Rodriguez, ERMp, Director of Records Management & Compliance, NBC Universal

It is nice to see people who make the most out of opportunities. Rafael is one of those people who approach each chapter of his career as an opportunity to learn and grow and it’s no surprise that he continues succeed.

James Higdon, Sr. VP Information Solutions, Vendor Direct Solutions

Rafael is a very forward thinking, out of the box individual and what he has done proves it. He has brought in new cloud technologies to bring a new way to deploy content management within the enterprise or SMB. I praise him for taking a cloud approach to an area that is mostly 1.0.

Vala Shahabi, Sales Engineer / SaaS Account Manager, Endeavors Technologies Inc.

Rafael is an amazing talent. Rarely do you come across someone with so many skills and the personality to convince people as well as execute the desired task. He’s a great one!

Anthony Forde, President, Vendor Direct Solutions

Rafael is an engaging and insightful thought leader and department head at Farmers, and he has had the foresight to recommend and effect proactive measures to protect enterprise resources as well as mitigate risk. He is also a supportive manager who has put together an ace team wherein members respect – and even truly enjoy – each other.

Kimberly Quan, IG Consultant

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