About Rafael Moscatel

20171216_RM-0417F (2)Rafael Moscatel is a results driven executive with over twenty years of success in implementing world class records retention, data governance and compliance programs for large enterprises. He has an extensive background in driving long range corporate planning strategies, from risk and audit remediation to spearheading change management initiatives within highly regulated industries.

Rafael’s expertise includes development of defensible and compliant information management strategies, data retention policies and corporate governance solutions. He partners with business leaders in helping them to optimize their legal technology investments, boost productivity and embrace key business challenges.

Rafael is a Certified Records Manager (CRM) and an Information Governance Professional (IGP). The program he implemented and leads at Farmers won the industry’s top honor, the 2017 “Excellence for an Organization” award from ARMA International.

In 2015, he received an in-kind grant from Stanford University’s Center for Internet and Society for an acclaimed documentary based on archives and the doctrine of fair-use.

He is a featured speaker at both the 2018 MER and AIIM conferences.


I have worked with Rafael for many years and have always been impressed with his strategic approach to connecting business processes to technology. He is a great collaborator, project manager, and strategic thinker, and understands the challenges organizations face today in managing/leveraging their information assets. I highly recommend Rafael as an information governance and compliance expert.

April Dmytrenko, Certified Records Manager, Fellow of ARMA International

I worked closely with Rafael on the Records Management initiative. He had a very knowledgeable background on best practices and common pitfalls regarding records management, and was easy to work with. He had a vision for what he wanted to see implemented, and the follow through to get things delivered.

Garo Doudian, Executive Director, Information Security, Green Dot

Rafael is a highly motivated records and information management professional. His understanding of and adherence to best practices combined with solid management skills are just two of the many reasons for his successful career. He’s also just a great person and it’s a pleasure to call him a colleague and friend.

Marcel Rodriguez, ERMp, Director of Records Management & Compliance, NBCUniversal

It is nice to see people who make the most out of opportunities. Rafael is one of those people who approach each chapter of his career as an opportunity to learn and grow and it’s no surprise that he continues succeed.

James Higdon, Sr. VP Information Solutions, Vendor Direct Solutions

Rafael is a very forward thinking, out of the box individual and what he has done proves it. He has brought in new cloud technologies to bring a new way to deploy content management within the enterprise or SMB. I praise him for taking a cloud approach to an area that is mostly 1.0.

Vala Shahabi, Sales Engineer / SaaS Account Manager, Endeavors Technologies Inc.

All of the above attributes would apply equally to Rafael. He was brought into the firm to provide us with a system that would integrate with our document management system (ProLaw). He took pains to understand our firm, the capabilities of ProLaw and wed the two. He did not try to impose a “cookie cutter” system on us. He dealt with resistance in a diplomatic and patient manner while making consistent headway. I admired that he could manage our project along with the others he had on his plate. Whatever roadblocks we hit, he had a solutions. On a personal level there is none better with whom to work.

Gary Maxwell, Administrator, Taylor Blessey.

Rafael is an amazing talent. Rarely do you come across someone with so many skills and the personality to convince people as well as execute the desired task. He’s a great one!

Anthony Forde, President, Vendor Direct Solutions

Rafael is a very motivated team player, willing to roll up his sleeves on a project while still providing guidance and review. He has a disciplined work ethic and assisted the firm through a challenging transition. Since his departure from Townsend we have continued to exchange ideas on information management. He has genuine respect for those he works with and would make a great addition to any company.

Corbett Campbell, Litigation Records Specialist, Townsend & Townsend & Crew