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Coming Soon: Tomorrow’s Jobs Today

Wisdom and Career Advice from Thought Leaders in AI, Big Data, Blockchain, the Internet of Things, Privacy and More

Learn the leadership secrets and technology strategies being pioneered by some of today’s most innovative business executives and renowned brands throughout the world in this entertaining collection of interviews and stories exploring new careers of the information age!


This series of in-depth profiles featuring Smart City CIOs, Data Protection Officers, Blockchain CEO’s, Informatics Doctors and many more skilled professionals gives readers first-hand insight into what tomorrow’s jobs look like today. The hands-on experiences, subject matter expertise and measured job advice shared within these pages demonstrate how identifying opportunities, setting the right cadence and building strong relationships are the essential ingredients to unlocking your future’s potential.

This book is for the new graduate, the gal in between new jobs and the doting parents desperate to get their “brilliant” but lazy kid out of the basement. It’s also for senior corporate leaders seeking an intimate understanding of the changes abound in their own organizations. It’s for the manager who wants to inspire and encourage professional development. And it’s for every knowledge worker out there who wants to leverage technology and information governance to reduce risk, generate revenue and improve their customer’s experiences.

Tomorrow’s Jobs Today is not for those who cower in the face of robots, coding and automation. It’s a resource for people like you and me who recognize that the jobs of the future are very much here today and ours to adapt to. By absorbing the perspectives, challenges and solutions of those deeply in love and accomplished in these new careers, we can help ourselves, our friends and our employees transform anxiety over a job search, job loss or just the winds of change into hope, understanding and opportunity.

Rafael Moscatel is an award-winning Information Governance Professional (IGP) and Certified Records Manager (CRM). He has spent the last twenty years developing large-scale Information Management Programs for Fortune 500 companies including Paramount Pictures and Farmers Insurance. In 2015, he partnered with Stanford University and produced The Little Girl with the Big Voice, an acclaimed documentary based on archives and the Doctrine of Fair Use. He was honored with the Excellence for an Organization Award by ARMA International in 2017 and speaks regularly at industry conferences about the evolving discipline of IG.

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