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Digital Transformation: Marketing Moving Targets of the Digital Revolution

The following excerpt is based on the book Tomorrow’s Jobs Today, available at fine booksellers from John Hunt Publishers.

A successful transformation necessitates a thoughtful assessment of the existing cultural, regulatory, operational landscape. Change agents today need to immerse themselves in understanding a firm’s technical capability and thresholds. Only then can its leaders develop a wise, aspirational, and reasonable plan. A planned yet flexible cadence covers essential bases and addresses the cultural needs of the business. We spoke to one of the industry’s best change agents in digital transformation and marketing, Dux Raymond Sy of AvePoint in our new book, Tomorrow’s Jobs Today.

The two main challenges in digital marketing are time scarcity and white noise which seem more pronounced in the enterprise IT space.

Dux Raymond Sy of Avepoint
AI skills have indeed become lucrative in the information age.

From the interview

Dux, are artificial intelligence and machine learning disrupting our traditional enterprise content management (ECM) systems and strategies, and what steps can business leaders take now to be prepared for automated document lifecycle management future?

AI and machine learning have been impacting enterprise content management systems in mostly positive ways. One of the highest value use cases has been search. For example, Office 365 is getting so good at knowing what document I want to look at or edit based on my past behaviors. It’s almost scary. Ultimately this is a good thing because there are a lot of industry studies that show employees waste too much productivity searching for content. However, we have seen nightmare situations where organizations haven’t tagged or classified their content appropriately, and payroll data accidentally gets surfaced to the entire company. Ultimately enhanced search and AI is good, but organizations still need to be vigilant about their data.

We are seeing robotics being deployed within the enterprise to help enhance productivity. AvePoint launched AVA, a virtual assistant chatbot within Microsoft Teams, that allows end-users to restore their deleted or lost items in Office 365. This helps end-users get what they need quickly and removes some of the tedious tasks that IT admins have typically had to handle.

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