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Compliance: The Future of Compliance

The following excerpt is based on the book Tomorrow’s Jobs Today, available at fine booksellers from John Hunt Publishers.

Tomorrow’s leaders will be brave enough to scale the dangerous peaks of an increasingly competitive and ethically challenged mountain range. They will drive the problematic conversations that illuminate the valleys in between. One of those leaders is Miguel Mairlot, an attorney and Data Protection Officer (DPO) with Ethikos Lawyers. He has a breadth of compliance experience advising wealth management and insurance businesses, has written and spoken extensively about compliance topics and teaches financial law in Brussels, Belgium. We spoke with him about compliance and ethics for our new book, Tomorrow’s Jobs Today.

To build a strong compliance program, it is of utmost importance to work towards good communication with regulators.

Miguel Mairlot of Ethikos Lawyers

From the interview

Miguel, what is your advice for young professionals, millennials, entering, and trying to succeed in the fields of privacy, risk, and compliance?

I would advise them first to question their ethics. What is your take on issues like money laundering, sanctions, the fight against terrorism, or data protection, for instance? Compliance offers the opportunity to perform a job in a more preventive and efficient way than ever before. Within an organization, your decisions will often be challenged by the sales or product department, which does not always understand the underlying issues that can be raised by certain unethical or illegal behaviors. For these reasons, it is healthy to keep a long-term vision to achieve sustainability while ensuring business growth. If you have and believe in that vision, embrace the challenges and opportunities that come.

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