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AI: Ethical Underpinnings of Artificial Intelligence

Futurist Roy Amara says that “We tend to overestimate the effect of a technology in the short run and underestimate the effect in the long run.” In Tomorrow’s Jobs Today we interviewed over twenty of today’s most innovative business leaders, like Dr. Anand Rao, to offer solid perspective on where we are today with Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Block Chain, Privacy, and the Internet of Things, as well as a near-magical crystal ball into what tomorrow holds. One of those leaders was Dr. Anand Rao, Global AI Lead for PricewaterhouseCoopers … Continue readingAI: Ethical Underpinnings of Artificial Intelligence

3 Timeless Business Lessons from a Real Life Superwoman

My Mother is 86 and doesn’t have a LinkedIn profile. But if she ever did, her headline would read something like… “Former ingenue, entrepreneur, dreamer, and the rest is none of your damn business, honey.” But to those who’ve had the privilege to know her over the decades her mantra has always been, quite simply, to treat everybody with dignity. Here are 3 timeless business lessons she’s taught me to go along with that mantra. … Continue reading3 Timeless Business Lessons from a Real Life Superwoman

Digital Bondage and the Fallacy Of Work-Life Integration

Forget your elder’s sage advice on maintaining a good work-life balance. There’s a new, grossly misleading and patently absurd approach (promoted here by the time-strapped PhD’s at Berkeley Haas), and it’s spreading like wildfire throughout the business world. They call it… “Work-Life Integration!” … Continue readingDigital Bondage and the Fallacy Of Work-Life Integration

Ray Moscatel - 1952 Seattle Chieftains

The Most Important Records In The World Are Our Fondest Memories

Dad’s life has been subtle and yet epic. He was part of the first college basketball game where opposing teams scored over 100 points. In 1952, the same squad from Seattle University overcame Goose Tatum’s Harlem Globetrotters in a historical buzz beater. In his later years, he developed incredible friendships with great talents, helped elect a Governor and built a fine career as a doctor. While I may never experience all that my Father has, making sure I preserve his records helps the whole family appreciate not just Dad, but what Dad and Mom represent, the importance of hard work, self-reliance, treating everybody with dignity and the spirit of living life to its fullest. … Continue readingThe Most Important Records In The World Are Our Fondest Memories

The Paperless Office

The extent to which any organization can reduce its dependency on paper is largely determined by the industry regulations its challenged by, the technology available to it and how well its leaders manage change. Here are some thoughts on how to begin solving the paper problem around your office. … Continue readingThe Paperless Office