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Cancel Culture Target #1: Will The Real Donald Sterling Please Stand Up?

“The Bastard of Beverly Hills” is a memoir detailing the author’s experiences and complex relationship with his childhood friend, Scotty, who died tragically in a drug den. With the author’s adoption and Scotty’s neglectful upbringing as core themes, the book explores their divergent paths as adults. This memoir is also a reflective critique on Scotty’s father, Donald Sterling, accused of emotional neglect and indifference. The author offers raw insight into the world of privilege from an adopted child’s perspective, ultimately leading him to quit smoking and value his own family.

My First Booze Cruise

The book, “The Bastard of Beverly Hills,” narrates a true incident where the young author helped save his parents and their influential friends from a possible boating accident due to a drunken captain. The nautical adventure involved prominent entertainment industry people, including publicist Warren Cowan and actress Melissa Gilbert’s mother. The author credits the incident captured on video by his mother, providing a glimpse into his childhood.

Eleanor Moscatel at home in Beverly Hills

Beverly Thrills: 12 Famous Faces Past & Present

The article shares anecdotes about various celebrities that didn’t make it into the author’s bestseller, ‘The Bastard of Beverly Hills’. These include stories about industry legends like Milton Berle, Dorothy Lamour, and George Burns among others. Each anecdote provides a personal encounter with or reflection on the celebrity, often providing an off-stage perspective on their personalities and lifestyles.

Michael Landon Secret Best Friends

Michael Landon’s Secret Best Friends

Rafael Moscatel has written a candid memoir, The Bastard of Beverly Hills, which explores the intricate relationship between his parents and renowned actor Michael Landon. The book offers an intimate perspective on Landon’s life and his bond with the Moscatels, touching upon sensitive subjects like adoption, addiction, and faith. Never-before-shared stories and images provide a remarkable insight into their shared journey. The book is set to release on May 23rd from JIA Publishing.

Bob Dylan and The Art of His Evolving Canvas

Bob Dylan: From Spiritual Chameleon to Accidental Capitalist

Over sixty years have passed since a young Robert Zimmerman began making his mark on history, poetics, and culture. Still, much of the inspiration behind his poignant contributions remains mysterious, partly due to the artist’s secretive nature. His eclectic collection of records, books, and films makes him a platypus amongst aesthetic polymaths, eclipsing accomplished peers who’ve mastered multiple domains. But