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Rafael Moscatel is Managing Director of Compliance & Privacy Partners. As a strategic business advisor, Rafael has over twenty years of experience leading successful digital transformation programs for the Fortune 500 including Paramount Pictures and Farmers Insurance. He is responsible for helping organizations develop and refine their IT governance, compliance, and privacy roadmaps. As a Certified Records Manager (CRM), Certified Information Privacy Manager (CIPM), and Information Governance Professional (IGP), he specializes in designing defensible global information governance policies and has an extensive background in project delivery, audit remediation, and change management within highly regulated industries. He is also the author of Tomorrow’s Jobs Today: Wisdom and Career Advice from Thought Leaders in AI, Big Data, Blockchain, The Internet of Things, Privacy, and More, from John Hunt Publishing. When he's not writing, working with clients or spending time with his family, he travels the country speaking to groups about how identifying opportunities, setting the right cadence, and building strong relationships are the essential ingredients to unlocking your future’s potential.

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