Analytics: Illuminating the Physical Realm of Dark Data

The following excerpt is based on the book Tomorrow’s Jobs Today, available at fine booksellers from John Hunt Publishers.

This collection of in-depth profiles featuring Smart City CIOs, Data Protection Officers, Blockchain CEOs, Informatics Doctors, and other forward-thinking professionals lets you walk a mile in their shoes and discover what tomorrow’s jobs look like today. The hands-on experiences, subject matter expertise, and measured job advice demonstrate how, by identifying opportunities, setting the right cadence, and building strong relationships, you can unlock your highest potential. One of those subject matter experts is Markus Lindelow of Iron Mountain, who we spoke to in our new book, Tomorrow’s Jobs Today.

Companies know the vast repositories of data they generate and store are valuable, but extracting that value is difficult. With classification tools using machine learning and applying policy expertise, we can shine some light on dark data.

Markus Lindelow of Iron Mountain
What advantages do you think we have over robots?

From the interview

Markus, how are multinationals like Iron Mountain leveraging artificial intelligence techniques and machine learning to help clients measure and monetize their information assets?

Companies know the vast repositories of data they generate and store are valuable, but extracting that value is difficult. Iron Mountain has entered into a partnership with Google Cloud to analyze unstructured data. The Iron Mountain InSight solution combines Iron Mountain’s experience in data analytics and information governance with Google’s artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities. Iron Mountain is also working with MicroFocus and Active Navigation to offer content analytics. With classification using machine learning and retention applied using Iron Mountain’s privacy and policy expertise, these partnerships hope to shine some light on dark data.

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Author: Rafael Moscatel

Rafael Moscatel is an author and motivational speaker. As a strategic business advisor, Rafael has over twenty years of experience leading successful digital transformation programs for the Fortune 500 including Paramount Pictures and Farmers Insurance. He is also the author of Tomorrow’s Jobs Today: Wisdom and Career Advice from Thought Leaders in AI, Big Data, Blockchain, The Internet of Things, Privacy, and More, from John Hunt Publishing. His new book, a memoir, will be published next year.

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