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RAFAEL MOSCATEL is the author of the number one best-selling business book Tomorrow’s Jobs Today, and director of The Little Girl with the Big Voice, a critically acclaimed documentary. His second book, The Bastard of Beverly Hills, a memoir, will be published in 2023 by Simon & Schuster.

Raised in Beverly Hills, California, by a hot-blooded family from the Isle of Rhodes, Rafael spent the first thirty years of his life in darkness, completely unaware that he’d been given up for adoption. His long, winding, emotional journey back home, not to four walls but to a place he could finally feel comfortable in his own skin, forced him to examine his sordid past through a sobering and heartbreaking lens. Rafael’s amusing yet often tragic struggles with abandonment, addiction, and faith, recounted first in a documentary about his biological kin and now in a new memoir about his adopted family remind us all of our frailty but also serve as a testament to the power of hope, forgiveness, and redemption.

The Little Girl with the Big Voice

The mesmorizing and tragic true story of the iconic Mary Small, a child prodigy, radio singer and Broadway star whose moxie and resilience made her a defining symbol of the Greatest Generation. Despite her success as one of the most recognizable performers of the Golden Age and a fifty year career in show business, she disappeared into obscurity, died penniless and was buried in an unmarked grave. This revealing biography by her long lost grandson breathes life into the obituary she never received yet so richly deserved.

Tomorrow’s Jobs Today

This collection of in-depth profiles featuring Smart City CIOs, Data Protection Officers, Blockchain CEO’s, Informatics Doctors and other diverse, skilled professionals gives readers first-hand insight into what tomorrow’s jobs look like today. The hands-on experiences, subject matter expertise and measured job advice shared within these pages demonstrate how identifying opportunities, setting the right cadence and building strong relationships are the essential ingredients to unlocking your future’s potential. Tomorrow’s Jobs Today is for the new graduate, the professional between jobs and the doting parents desperate to get their “brilliant” but lazy kid out of the basement.

Gaps Are Opportunities

The Gaps are Opportunities strategy is rooted in a meditation on the importance of listening and observation and proves in short order wherever we look, especially in the weakest areas of a business, that there is always room for optimization. Those employees who seize upon and fix gaps in areas like production, risk, or quality assurance often become the most valuable players on the grid. They grow into the leaders that management loves to promote. Gaps and deficiencies in an existing program, a product, or a team can be the very best opportunities available to make your mark. History is chock-full of stories where a man or woman came along and “re-invented” a part of a wheel.